Guests are welcome to stroll around the farm but there are two formal hiking trails which may be followed
Nature Walks

Die Plaat Hiking Trail (2 hours)

This route follows the 4x4 track and takes you up to the Die Plaat area of the farm. The walk usually takes about two hours but can be adjusted for those who prefer a shorter stroll. During the flower season, you pass through endless beautiful stretches of veldt flowers. This walk offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountain range as well as the valley below and includes San Rock Paintings.

The Waterfall Trail

This trail meanders along the banks of the Brandewyn (Brandy) river to the place where it plummets 500 m down into the Karoo basin, resulting in lovely waterfalls, turbulent rapids and astounding rock formations. Fortunate bird watchers might even spot the evasive Witkruis Arend raptor nesting high against the cliffs. Weary walkers can take the opportunity here to plunge into a rock pool to cool off.

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