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Birding at de Pakhuys

de Pakhuys is a birding paradise, with well over 100 regular species of bird in the area

Awaken each morning to their spectacular dawn chorus. We wake up each morning to a symphony of songs from the melodic Bokmakierie, Cape Robin-Chat and Red-Winged Starling. In the day we are blessed with visits from Verraux's Eagles and Rock Kestrels.

Each room at de Pakhuys has a private patio with a view, becoming its own bird-hide. The protea trees are rich with Malachite and Orange-Breasted sunbirds which shine in the morning light.

On the property there are multiple dams and rivers supporting their own eco-systems rich with Kingfishers and Cormorants. On our hikes through untouched nature you might run into the Fairy Flycatcher, Layard's Warbler, Black-Headed Canary or even the elusive Protea Canary.

Looking for the Cape Rockjumper and Cape Siskin? We are situated on the Cederberg pakhuis mountain pass, a short drive from the Cederberg nature reserve where these cape mountain specials are commonly found - you might even be lucky enough to catch one on our kloof hike. For more info on the birds that live in our area, see this post at

Birding South Africa - .

Over 200 species of bird can be sighted at de Pakhuys over the summer months - so be sure to pack your bird book, binoculars and camera.


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