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Some useful info

Below a short summary of FAQ about Rocklands and accommodation in the Cederberg, de Pakhuys

How do I get from Cape Town to Rocklands?


You have the option of renting a car or taking the bus.  When travelling by bus,  you will arrive in Clanwilliam at night - arrange you own accommodation in town - -    We will collect you the next morning and transfer you to Rocklands - contact Thys to arrange.

Is de Pakhuys central in Rocklands?


de Pakhuys is in the middel of Rocklands.  Our climbing areas are within walking distance from the campsite and chalets. 

Do you rent crash pads?

YES! we do - please be sure to book well in advance -you can book now and pay on arrival click here

How do I get supplies from town?


We travel to Clanwilliam town on a daily basis and you are welcome to hitch a ride.  Clanwilliam has a big supermarket where you can buy fresh food,  meat and all other supplies.

Some general camping questions!

  • The water from the campsite taps are 100% safe for drinking and gets pumped from a borehole 100m away.

  • We have no mosquitoes and we are located in a malaria free area.

  • Camp kitchen offers two fridges (with some freezing space) for general use

  • The camp offers hotwater showers

  • The camp offers FREE WiFi

  • We have electricity at the campsite

  • We are very fortunate to have a zero crime record for the last decade!

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