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Hiking Trails at de Pakhuys


Rocklands is an ancient landscape beyond the realms of imagination,  carved and sculpted by the elements over countless millenia,  this wonderous place is a paradise of boulders, towers and crags. There is hectare upon hectare upon hectare of the most incredible sandstone,  solid and alluringly reddened,   Wondering about its labyrinth ways each corner turned,  each passageway explored yield more and more rock,  perfectly arranged to climb.  In its solitude and silences it's enough simply to be there and gaze in wonder at the legacy of the earths creator. - Nigel Sheppard

See this on both Waterfall and Kloof walks
Kloof Walking Trail


This trail meanders through the boulders and down the Kloof along the banks of the Brandewynsriver working its way back to the Waterfall.  Fortunate bird watchers might spot the evasive Witkruis Arend raptor nesting high against the cliffs. Weary walkers can plunge into a rock pool to cool off.


  • 2 hour / 6km circular route - clearly marked

  • Moderate to difficult walk

  • Map available at the office

Last waterfall of the three
Waterfall Trail


This trail runs along the banks of the Brandewyn (Brandy) river to the place where the valley floor plummets down into the Karoo basin, resulting in lovely waterfalls, turbulent rapids and astounding rock formations.


  • 1.5 hours / 4km

  • Easy to moderate walk


View from die Plaat walk
Die Plaat Trail


This route follows the 4x4 track and takes you up to the Die Plaat area of the farm. The walk usually takes about two hours but can be adjusted for those who prefer a shorter stroll. During the flower season, you pass through endless beautiful stretches of veldt flowers. This walk offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountain range as well as the valley below.


Cederberg Pakhuis pass
Winding rocky road
Cederberg rock formations
Heuningvlei  Trail (22km)


This route follows the old 4x4 track from the top of Pakhuis Pass to the historic village of Heuningvlei.   Experience the splendour of the Cederberg in all it's glory!  Described as one of the most scenic walks in the Western Cape


  • Transport provided to top of pass and back if required

  • 4  - 6 hour - take lots of water

  • CapeNature day pass required  - available at the office


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